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Vet Bills/Pet Medication - Seeking Advice from SA

April 20th, 2016 at 06:22 am

Hello my S.A. friends. We have an 8 year old chocolate lab who, just this week, has been diagnosed with diabetes. The vet is still trying to regulate her insulin use and figure out the proper dosage. Our visit to CVS (the first night) was $160 for 1 bottle of insulin and $30 for the needles.

Have any of my fellow S.A.'ers been through this and can recommend anywhere on-line to buy Insulin cheaper? I have heard of Vetsulin (doggie insulin).. but vet said we first need to get her regulated.

I'm going to call Sam's Club today and Walmart to hear their prices.

We have the money for our Beloved doggie, but WOW.. $500 in the past 2 days...

Thank you for any advice

3 Responses to “Vet Bills/Pet Medication - Seeking Advice from SA”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    My beloved Molly was diagnosed with diabetes on Dec. 29. We have been buying her insulin from ADW diabetes. The novolin N insulin U-100 is about $75. We can get the needles for about $15 per 100 from another place. The phone number is 877-241-9002 and the address is www.adwdiabetes.com. My Molly is finally regulated and is doing great on 2 shots a day. We give her a small piece of cooked chicken after each shot and now she loves to get the shots. Bless you for taking good care of your dog.

  2. Michelle Dado Says:

    Bless you Ima. You are so kind. I called Sam's club today and they have a generic of Novolin for 25 dollars a vial. I am speaking to the vet abt this on Monday. but if I have to get Novolin I will call who you suggested thank u I hope your doggie is doing better

  3. Ima saver Says:

    She is doing really well! I get the needles from medi-vet.com. It is important to get ulticare insulin syringe U-100, 3/10 cc, 31G x 5/16" . The 31G (gauge) is so important because it is a shorter needle and does not cause as much pain. They are about $15 per 100, but I will pay whatever price to get the shorter (31G) needle. Make sure the generic version of Novolin is ok for your dog. It did not work for Molly! Blessings to both of our babies!

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