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Chase Freedom Bonus Received

July 18th, 2014 at 07:01 am

I received my bonus points for the Chase Freedom Card today. Woot! total was $235! ($200 for spending $500, $25 for using hubby's card, and $10 for misc. spending).

I plan to put this snowflake in my Capital One account to save for my daughter's possible Soccer Showcase trip to DisneyWorld in December.

Am now in my spending 5 debit card transcations for my Capital One checking. Plan to do two today, 1 at Subway and 1 at CVS. Then I will only have 1 more transaction to receive my bonus.

Also received in the mail my Barclays card. Still need to activate that, which I will do today. That goodie will give me $400 towards possible trip.

Thank you CCF for showing us these snowflakes. Am truly grateful (and impressed by your saving savvy).

Keep your tips coming!