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Vet Bills/Pet Medication - Seeking Advice from SA

April 20th, 2016 at 06:22 am

Hello my S.A. friends. We have an 8 year old chocolate lab who, just this week, has been diagnosed with diabetes. The vet is still trying to regulate her insulin use and figure out the proper dosage. Our visit to CVS (the first night) was $160 for 1 bottle of insulin and $30 for the needles.

Have any of my fellow S.A.'ers been through this and can recommend anywhere on-line to buy Insulin cheaper? I have heard of Vetsulin (doggie insulin).. but vet said we first need to get her regulated.

I'm going to call Sam's Club today and Walmart to hear their prices.

We have the money for our Beloved doggie, but WOW.. $500 in the past 2 days...

Thank you for any advice